Local Suppliers Save the Day

On Wednesday evening, Grant Kitchen, National President of the NZChefs Association, put a call out to the foodservice community.

He had just received a call from Ronald McDonald House in Auckland, they had no fresh produce coming in and with 68 families stuck in lockdown, Grant knew he had to do something. He asked local suppliers if they could help, and they did not disappoint.

"The post I put up last night about Ronald McDonald House had an amazing response,” Grant wrote in a follow-up post on Facebook.

“Within two hours our industry had the problem solved. All is in hand so thank you to Bidfood NZ, Service Foods, Chevalier Produce, PCFoods, and Bostocks Hawkes Bay. Humanity Restored.”

Stories like these reflect the true nature of those in the foodservice and hospitality industries, and not just those you see at the front of the house in your local café. The values of caring for the community, that are so intrinsically linked to what true hospitality is, go all the way to those unseen heroes, the suppliers and distributors constantly working away in the background. We salute you.