SKOPE’s new ActiveCore refrigeration technology is set to take the food and beverage industry by storm, offering hitherto unprecedented energy savings and lower ongoing maintenance time and costs.
Renowned as a leader in the commercial refrigeration market, the new ActiveCore is being heralded as one of SKOPE’s most significant developments in over 25 years, and will save users up to $594 per year in energy costs, a 55 percent saving on the running costs of SKOPE’s biggest selling TME model.

Now available in New Zealand, the new glass door SKOPE ActiveCore chiller range of one and two door, top and bottom mount models combines the new technology with a modern, frameless aesthetic design.

The TME and BME ActiveCore glass door chillers, come with sign panels for branding opportunities, frameless glass doors, with aluminium trim, easy to install shelving systems, which reduce installation time, and an updated controller with manual light switch and pre-programmed features.

A new slotted back panel design allows for maximum cooling, whilst the optimal airflow and cooling performance reduces temperature variations and energy consumption.

Quick to service and maintain, the ActiveCore range not only looks sensational, its performance is
equally impressive and innovative. New ActiveCore Technology from SKOPE will save you money & time.