With a state-of-the-art showroom and a newly appointed sales manager, leading Italian espresso brand Segafredo Zanetti is setting out to establish itself as major player in the New Zealand market. Segafredo needs no introduction, being internationally recognised as a premium supplier of commercial coffee machines and first-rate blends, along with capsule and automatic machines for homes and offices.

Over the years, the company has built its reputation on excellence, ensuring quality is delivered at all times by controlling the whole production process, from plant to cup.

Since its arrival in New Zealand in 2014, some of the most iconic restaurants and cafés nationwide have chosen Segafredo’s bestselling espresso machine, La San Marco, to enhance their businesses. Segafredo NZ new sales manager Mario Archidiacono, who landed in Auckland after a four-year experience within the Australian branch, is eager to make sure that the brand wins Kiwi hearts and taste buds.

Segafredo outside

“Whilst our range is greatly appreciated overseas, New Zealanders are just starting to discover it. In this first stage, our main goal is to communicate the brand’s identity, to show what we’re achieving in other countries, our vision, our quality. In doing so, we can rely both on a first-class product and a great staff, because brands are made of products and, more than anything else, people,” said Archidiacono.

At the core of Segafredo’s philosophy is the ambition of spreading the Italian espresso culture worldwide, getting people to try, and love, a different way of drinking coffee. Not without reason. As a matter of fact, its blends are a great match with milk, another absolute Kiwi favourite.

“Our espresso reflects the Italian tradition. At the same time, we are now importing and roasting green beans in this part of the world, meaning fresher product much closer to kiwi tastes,” said Archidiacono.

From now on, the company’s target is clear: to establish strong partnerships with top-level hospitality businesses, Kiwi-operated coffee shops and restaurants willing to offer a unique experience to their customers, knowing that quality always pays off.