Nationwide trespass notice issued to unruly family

The Doran family, also known as the unruly tourists, were issued with a nationwide trespass notice for Burger King restaurants. Previously unrevealed information describes how the family were using their children as a way to get free food.

According to the reports, the Doran family would take bites from their food, and return it around half an hour later, claiming it was cold. On top of this, they would spill drinks on their food and demand a replacement; or they would get the kids to take old food from other tables and ask them to replace it. Burger King staff also complained that the kids were behaving aggressively and were heard yelling obscenities into the drive-thru speakers.

During their time in New Zealand, they were accused of being public nuisances, littering, and stealing. Tina Maria Cash, a lady that was part of the unruly group, admitted to theft charges in the Hamilton District Court. They were all returned to the UK on January 28th.