Meet the Roaster: Thalia TeKoeti, Miscela Coffee

After spending many years trying different careers, Thalia TeKoeti has found one that suits her perfectly. Having been a barista for some time, the roasting business seemed a natural progression, being more active than her work in offices. The previous owner of Miscela Coffee took TeKoeti under his wing and taught her well, not just in roasting but also in repairing and reconditioning various equipment. 

Thalia loves the job of Head Roaster’s physical nature and the challenges it brings.

There is a lot of heavy lifting and moving involved so you need to love being active and busy.”

A passion for coffee is not always necessary but certainly helps, and Thalia finds that roasts are so much better with a little love and care in the mix. Passionate about creating the ideal blend and profiles, she finds spending the time and paying close attention to detail are the most important things in creating the perfect roast.

“Teaching your eye, nose and ear to pick up the faintest thing is as much art as it is a logical process.”

Each roast is different, as there are so many variables. A great roast for one person could taste less pleasant for another. Thalia’s favourite is Cuban coffee, with its delicious smokiness and depth of flavour, and she would love to travel Cuba exploring the coffee plantations and learning more of their processes. 

“Who wouldn’t want to go check out the colourful country and culture that is Cuba?!”

The most rewarding part of roasting for Thalia is getting positive feedback on a new blend or profile, but she also enjoys learning new things. At Miscela Coffee, there is always something new happening, as the new owner has exciting and big ideas Thalia is enthusiastic about helping to bring to life.

Sustainability is important at Miscela. The team recycles and utilises everything they can - coffee grounds, chaff, sacks and packaging - as well as collecting used boxes from other businesses for packing their orders. Ordering stock in bulk and storing in their own warehouse cuts down on freight, reducing pollution and cost. Miscela also donates to and partners with various schools and charities, striving to make others' lives easier and help to make the world a cleaner, better place.