Meet the Manager: Daniel Rogers-Bromley from Emerson’s Taproom

Born and raised in Dunedin, Daniel Rogers-Bromley is the manager of Emerson's Taproom, a brewery and restaurant located in the heart of Southland.

Established in 1992, the Taproom offers a walk-through tour showing the process of making beer, as well as housing a fine dining experience onsite.

Rogers-Bromley started at Emerson's as a waiter and progressively made his way to the manager's role. A keen hiker and surfer, Rogers-Bromley began his career in hospitality when he was only 12.

“I soon found out that I loved talking to all the different people that came through, quickly made friends with people in the industry and loved the culture.”

He confessed that the most rewarding part of his job is meeting strange and interesting people and being able to showcase the many aspects of Emerson’s brewery.

“I love a Hazy beer. Amazingly rich tropical fruit flavours while also having a malt complexity to it. Anything made with Hop oil is great.”

Emerson’s brewery has recently adjusted its catalogue to include zero alcohol options for their customers, notably named “Little Bird.”

“The aim for that is to make a zero per cent beer that actually tastes like beer, a lot of people say they have done it, but nothing is that good,” he explained.”

"We hope to change that. Otherwise, we have a variety of zeros and low gins, beers, looking at wines.”

Rogers-Bromley encourages his customers to try something new despite some wanting to stick with what they know. He said that as well as zero alcohol beer, Hazy IPA beers are the next big thing for brewing, which he describes as being full of fruity flavours and a lot of character.

Emerson’s Taproom is going strong 31 years after it opened and remains a popular dining location in the Dunedin area.

“Showcasing the amazing work that the Emerson’s has done in the craft beer world, and being part of an amazing team and being part of Richard Emerson’s dream is truly rewarding.”