Meet the Food Truck: Passsa Passa, Dan Pinto

Passa Passa resembles Dan Pinto's origins in the NorthWest of Italy, Imperia.

What started as a pop-up on Waiheke Island at a friend's cafe became a quick hit. Pinto felt compelled to continue this journey, and a month later, he had invested in his food truck. With fewer overheads, fewer staff, and more access to go to customers, Passa Passa was up and running,

Profound influences and intense flavours that reflect Pinto's Italian heritage are at the heart of his food truck. However, he does not let this minimise his creativity and enjoys breaking the traditional concepts to match modern consumer preferences. 

Like many others within the food truck community, Pinto believes 2023 will be a good year. With the option for more special occasions like weddings, parties, and gatherings, there will likely be more opportunities.

"I want to keep growing Passa Passa by launching new offers to focus more on the retail market, but it isn't something for the immediate future," said Pinto.

Eventually, Pinto seeks a future where he doesn't have to be in the food truck all day and can manage others from a distance where he can be more present at home.

To others considering this industry, Pinto said, "Go for it! It's the best decision you could ever make. Seek advice from fellow food truckers too."

Passa Passa can be located in markets, festivals, shows, or popping up for a night in restaurants around Auckland. They are also available for private functions. 

While Pinto seeks to open a shop, the details are yet to be released.