Hayley Mcivor, Goods Wellington

Originally from Scotland, Hayley Mcivor has been connected to the hospitality industry throughout most of her life. As the Goods Wellington manager, Mcivor shared that she immigrated to New Zealand six years ago and quickly fell in love with her chosen city.

“I made a great group of friends, never left, and it has soon become home. I was fortunate early on in my life in Wellington to find a job at goods which led me to a community that I truly love, which was a huge factor in staying in Wellington as well,” revealed Mcivor. 

When Mcivor landed in New Zealand, she was at the precipice of giving up on the hospitality industry. However, the need to fund her adventures across the country pushed Mcivor to apply for a hospitality job, which began her journey towards Goods Wellington. The owners of Goods Wellington, Lisa and Andy, and their passion for hospitality reignited Mcivor's love for the industry. 

“I have been at goods for five plus years and seen how we all have grown and our love and passion for the industry. I get to wake up every day and do what I love with the most incredible colleagues and customers.”

Mcivor described that daily connections with colleagues and customers make the industry special. She stated that being part of someone’s day, whether the customer is celebrating or having a rough go of it and needs cheering up, are what Mcivor finds rewarding. 

The manager shared that while she couldn’t encompass the nature of Goods Wellington’s atmosphere, she believed the cafe had a warmth that welcomed customers to get comfortable and relax. Mcivor revealed that love had been poured into every corner of Goods Wellington, including the coffee, pastries, and bread, which is apparent to all visitors. Love and care, according to Mcivor, are the key ingredients to making great coffee. 

When Mcivor isn’t working, she enjoys browsing other cafes, drinking coffee and exploring what others in the industry are up to. For herself, she orders a Piccolo or long black with a dollop of cream. 

While hospitality has had challenges over the last few years, Mcivor shared that watching the industry and her colleagues, as well as herself, adapt and grow over the pandemic and changes has been incredibly rewarding. 

“I am fortunate to be where I am and our community around us.”