Meet The Barista: Manaia Feather, C1 Espresso

Following the earthquakes of 2011, C1 Espresso was reconstructed in the heart of Christchurch's High Street. Re-established in the iconic High Street Post Office, C1 continues to serve up their unique brand of pioneering espresso & big breakfasts. 

It's the same (but different) warm, welcoming atmosphere, with the same (but different) professional staff. They worked hard to ensure that the cool, retro locale has the heart of the old C1 blended in with the new.

Cafe Manager of C1, Manaia Feather, moved down to Christchurch from Taupo in 2019. With no hospitality or coffee experience, she began working at C1 Espresso. Since then, she has worked her way up and has been delighted to learn and lead, especially behind the coffee machine. Feathers' favourite blend is the C1000 blend from C1 Espresso and she told us that a golden crema is the best sign of a great coffee.

“I didn’t know a lot about coffee before moving to Christchurch so it was fascinating to expand my horizons and have the opportunity to learn from some of the best,” Feather expressed. “I always feel good when customers come up and grab another coffee and tell you how much they enjoyed it, those are the best compliments.” 

Feather noted the rise in the popularity of plant-based milk, notably over the past year and in particular oat milk. Her favourite plant-based alternative is coconut milk and revealed her go-to coffee order is a coconut flat white. 

On her days off Feather loves to check out other cafes with friends. The chilled atmosphere at cafes is very relaxing which she relishes on a day off.