Meet the Baker: Clare Chapple, Early Bird Cakes

"I always feel so lucky that people choose to order cakes from me for their big occasions. Having customers that come back to the market each week is really special," said Clare Chapple, the owner and baker of Early Bird Cakes.

In most of her twenties, Chapple had a lively career in graphic design, before hopping to the yachting industry. However, when the pandemic struck, she found herself without any work.

Instead of returning back to yachting, Chapple decided to pursue her interest in cake decorating. She joined Sweet and Me, where she was taught by Bert everything to know about cake making and decorating, helping to lay the foundation for opening her own business further down the line.

Determined to refine her skills, Chapple would get up at one or two am before work to use Burt's kitchen, which is where she got the inspiration for the name of her current business, Early Bird Cakes.

Her most popular item is the Snickers Chubby Brownie. The dessert is made using a soft and chewy cookie base, and filled with a layer of homemade caramel, Pics peanut butter, Snickers bars and finished with a rich chocolate brownie layer on top.

"It's always the first to sell out, and has so much in every bite," added Chapple.

She also enjoys making vintage-style cakes, a trend Chapple has noticed make waves within the baking space.

"More and more people are ordering them, especially in the heart shape."

In the future, Chapple hopes to improve her photography and video skills for social media, as well as figure out her long-term plans for Early Bird Cakes.

"At the moment, I'm just loving getting to make cakes every week as job."