Meet the Baker: Alex Ventura-Adriano, Gotbaked Good

Alex Ventura-Adriano is the owner of Gotbaked Good in Auckland. 

Originally from the Philippines, Ventura-Adriano moved to Auckland to study cookery. Starting as a kitchen hand, she has worked her way up, becoming a chef de partie and eventually head baker. 

Her passion for baking, combined with her dream of owning her own bakery, led her to start Gotbaked Good during the first lockdown, which has now grown into a successful online business as well as selling her baked goods at various markets.

Ventura-Adriano’s approach to baking is both nostalgic and innovative. She incorporates fresh, seasonal produce into her baking while also indulging in the sweet treats of her childhood. Her most popular and signature pastry is the classic cinnamon roll with vanilla cream cheese on top, which is drizzled with her top-secret sauce. 

Ventura-Adriano is proud to be the first to make loaded cinnamon rolls in Auckland, and  in addition to her famous cinnamon rolls, she also makes delicious brownies and blondies. 

“The most rewarding thing is seeing people have their first bite of my treats and love it, and then of course to come back for more,” said Ventura-Adriano.

“When I first started selling online, I would sell out so quickly (there was a time when I would sell out in less than five minutes!), and then I would try to do more each week. I love seeing my business grow.”

The drive to build the bakery is continuous, and Ventura-Adriano is always exploring new ideas for baking and cooking for family and friends whenever her schedule is free. She is also looking at additional space to expand her business to satisfy her growing customer base.

Her words of wisdom for anyone wanting to get into baking are simple. Just do it, regardless of the circumstances. 

“If you have the passion for it, don't give up on your dream. There will be a lot of bumps and lessons along the way, but those experiences will make you not only a better baker/business owner but also a stronger individual as well.”

A talented baker Ventura-Adriano has found success in her online bakery, Gotbaked Good, thanks to her passion and drive, innovative approach, and dedication to customer satisfaction.