McDonald’s New Zealand looks to evolve with consumer demand

McDonald’s New Zealand is looking to make changes to its menu inline with the evolving nature of consumer demand. The changes that McDonald’s are looking to implement include reformulating and adding extra products to their menus more aligned with their global commitments. Specific changes include a new version of Keri Apple and Blackcurrant juice, a popular choice in Happy Meals. The new formulation contains no added sugar, preservatives, artificial colours or flavours. Additionally, the wraps that McDonald’s are using are now wholemeal.

On top of product development, McDonald’s has also made changes to its marketing schemes. Every billboard and bus shelter advertising location in New Zealand has been plotted, and its proximity to schools and McDonald’s restaurants measured. On top of this, a risk rating system can determine the sites that are suitable for use and what products can be displayed on them. Additionally, McDonald’s has stopped advertising on commercial radio stations during school drop-off and pick-up times. McDonald’s digital menu boards, both in restaurants and in the drive-thru, no longer show imagery of any soft drinks that contain sugar. Finally, Happy Meals now have the option of coming with a Roald Dahl book instead of a toy.

Dave Howse, McDonald’s NZ managing director, said, “While we’re famous for Big Macs and fries, we know we have to stay relevant and also use our size and scale responsibly and show leadership. We’re constantly listening, assessing and making changes to what we offer and how we promote it.”