The Eiffel Tower’s Le Jules Verne restaurant, located on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower itself, reopened this weekend following a row between feuding personalities. Alain Ducasse, who had previously run the establishment for a decade, was overturned by two other chefs, Frédéric Anton and Thierry Marx, whose consortium had won the rights to take over the management of Le Jules Verne and the other food outlets in the structure.

The feud between the two parties proved bitter, with Ducasse launching a failed lawsuit to keep control of his restaurant that has hosted internationally renowned celebrities and the like. On top of this, Ducasse took offence when the operator said that the introduction of the new chefs offers a “significant leap in terms of quality.”

With the reopening of Le Jules Verne, comes a new era, said, Anton. “There’s not any trace of anyone else here. We started afresh. It’s our spirit here,” he told reporters.