McDonald’s loses Big Mac trademark

McDonald’s has lost its exclusive right to formally trademarked “Big Mac” following challenges from an Irish restaurant chain. Galway-based Supermac’s challenged the global fast-food giant resulting in the cancellation of the Big Mac and Mc trademarks.

The original request was submitted in April of 2017 where Supermac’s complained that McDonald’s were trademark bullying—owning trademarks but failing to utilise them. Previously, McDonald’s had succeeded in keeping Supermac’s out of Great Britain and Europe based on similarities between their names. Pat McDonagh, Supermac’s managing director, said, “This is a victory for all small businesses. It prevents bigger companies from hoarding trademarks with no intention of using them.”

After McDonald’s lost the trademark, Burger King in Sweden took it upon themselves to kick their opponents while they were down. Burger King revamped their menu to mock the loss of trademark, advertising their burgers with names such as “Like a Big Mac, but actually big,” “The burger Big Mac wished it was,” and “Big Mac-ish by flame-grilled, of course.”