Lewisham Awards 2021 Winners Announced!

The Lewisham Awards are an annual event organised by a dedicated committee of industry professionals and funded by industry suppliers and businesses.

Congratulations to all finalists and this year’s winners:

Lewisham Foundation
Lifetime Achievement Award

Congratulations Clive Weston 
This year the Lewisham Foundation recognised Weston's almost five decades of international wine trade experience and over 30 years at the helm of Negociants New Zealand. Weston retired at the end of May this year.

Coca Cola Europacific
Outstanding Bartender

Congratulations Gina Nicholls 
from The Parasol & Swing Company
The Outstanding Bartender has an excellent memory, a sense of humour and a unique personal style. They have a great understanding of the products they work with and an incredible knack for reading their customer’s needs.

Outstanding Maître D'

Congratulations Connor Grisedale 
from Bar Celeste
The Outstanding Maître d’ embodies the concept of service; they understand every element of hospitality. They keep harmony between both the front and back of house to create a seamless experience for all.

One Music
Outstanding Establishment

Congratulations Hello Beasty

The Outstanding Establishment has been around for longer than two years. They constantly keep things fresh with a winning formula of a great team, a fantastic environment, and commitment to both customers and suppliers.

Outstanding Café

Congratulations Ozone
The Outstanding cafe is an establishment that offers an array of great food, superb coffee, fabulous staff, ambience and standout customer service.

Clyth MacLeod
Outstanding Urban Street Eats

Congratulations The Lucky Taco
Outstanding Urban Street Eats is exciting; it is about offering food that is fast, tasty, and authentic – the kind of food people love to eat.

Outstanding Chef

Congratulations Leslie Hottiaux
from Apero
The Outstanding Chef produces innovative and creative menus, whilst showing exceptional culinary techniques. They are an inspiration in all aspects of cooking and set standards through training and education.

Outstanding Bar

Congratulations Madame George
The Outstanding Bar does everything well from their warm and knowledgeable service, their impressive product range, fantastic atmosphere and well thought out food selections. This bars’ individual personality and style ensure it stands out from the crowd.

Outstanding Caterer

Congratulations Jess' Underground Kitchen
The Outstanding Caterer is known for their exceptional food and beverage offerings as well as for providing exemplary service. They take the stress out of organising an event and wow their customers on the day.

The Recruitment Network
Outstanding Producer

Congratulations Scapegrace Distillery
Recognising a single producer who creates a benchmark product of exceptional quality. The outstanding producer supplies direct to market and to the trade. Their product is created with passion and has the service to match.

Insurance Advisernet NZ
Outstanding Waiter

Congratulations Tye Okieffe
from Ostro
The Outstanding Waiter puts the customer first, they strive to establish a connection with them and can adjust quickly to different types of guests and situations. They have a passion for the restaurant and the team they work with.

Southern Hospitality
Outstanding Local

Congratulations Apero
The Outstanding Local is the hub of the community and a place where family and friends meet regularly because they feel welcome and relaxed. It has that feeling of a home away from home! This is a place where staff will know your name and better yet, they will know your drink.

Negociants NZ
Wine Service Professional

Congratulations Ismo Koski
from Apero
The Outstanding Wine Service Professional has excellent knowledge and a broad understanding of both new and old-world styles of wine. They are passionate about the industry and take the customer on a journey, recommending the best possible food and wine pairings.

Hospitality Advice
Outstanding Sales Representative / Brand Ambassador

Congratulations Craig (Mac) MacKenzie
from Coca Cola Europacific
The Outstanding Sales Representative / Brand Ambassador knows that each of their customers’ needs are different and that their world is not black and white, flexibility is the key! They are committed to the industry and always go the extra mile for their customers.

Outstanding Supplier

Congratulations Hancocks Wine, Spirit & Beer Merchants

The Outstanding Supplier is committed to top quality and innovative products. They listen to their customers, know what works well for each of their individual clients, ensure their product is of the highest standard, and that the delivery and the execution of each delivery is achieved on time.

Meadow Fresh
Outstanding Barista

Congratulations Mingyu (MG) Jung from Mr T's
The outstanding barista is passionate about their craft. They are professional and consistent in the taste and presentation of coffee. They understand their customers and whilst they display great technical skills, it is their customer service that set them apart from the rest.

Outstanding Wine List

Congratulations Apero

The Outstanding Wine List reflects both the overall style of the establishment and its menu. It displays an excellent foray across multiple wine growing regions in both NZ and overseas, as well as a variety of wine styles with incredible thought and passion.

Restaurant Association of NZ
Outstanding Hospitality Personality

Congratulations Pablo Arrasco Paz from Madame George
The Outstanding Personality is an individual who, over an extended period, has shown outstanding commitment to the betterment of Auckland’s hospitality industry. This person is respected industry-wide for their business achievements and passion for the industry.

Pernod Ricard
Outstanding Restaurateur

Congratulations Sid Sahrawat Sid at The French Café / Sidart / Cassia
The Outstanding Restaurateur is both an astute business person but also a charismatic leader. They strive to achieve overall perfection through hard work, and this shows in their passion for their business and their team.

Asahi Beverages
Outstanding New Venue

Congratulations Hotel Ponsonby

The Outstanding New Venue has been open for less than two years. Their venue stands apart from the others through their fantastic atmosphere but also for their point of difference. The team of staff constantly showcase the values of the business through their consistency and passion.