With the latest six-month results showing a sales increase of 35 per cent on last year, Kiwi wine company Invivo had a lot to celebrate at their third AGM, held at Pocket Bar & Kitchen in Auckland. Shareholders joined Invivo co-founders Tim Lightbourne and Rob Cameron for an afternoon of wine and canapes after another successful year for one of the world’s fastest-growing wine brands.

Invivo is nearing 1.5 million bottles sold in just the first six months of this financial year. The forecasted 2018 revenue is expected to increase 285 percent since their first crowdfund.

“Ever since our first AGM in 2016, we’ve tried to create a unique experience for our shareholders, after taking inspiration from the world’s most successful equity crowdfunded company Brewdog in the UK and hearing about how it hosted its AGM,” said Lightbourne.

Shareholders were presented with some positive figures relating to the company’s growth, exports and plans for the future. Invivo revealed the company’s exports make up 86 percent of sales with the UK and Ireland their biggest markets. The Graham Norton Rosé is now the second best-selling NZ rosé in the UK, and in Ireland, the Sauvignon Blanc is top three. In New Zealand, Invivo also continues to grow with their distribution partner Lion, reporting a sales increase of 37 percent this year.