KIND Cafe & Eatery

“Be KIND to yourself. Be KIND to the neighbourhood. Be KIND to the earth.”

KIND Café & Eatery are a new mostly plant-based café based in Morningside, Auckland. According to their website, they specialise in healthy, delicious food options, serving an outstanding menu that caters to many different dietary needs and choices. KIND is a social enterprise established and run by the collective behind Crave—a group of people who are motivated and passionate about making Morningside greener, healthier, and kinder to the environment.

Given the nature of the menu and the ethos that KIND stands for, the décor is naturalistic and classy. KIND offers both a day and an evening menu. The day menu has many delicious options including pancakes with blueberry and apple compote, to a BBQ chipotle breakfast taco with pulled jackfruit, peanuts and sprouts. The night menu has an exciting range of food from zucchini spaghetti and meat-less balls with eggplant to broccolini with smoked peanut butter and lemon. KIND is an excellent option for anyone with specific dietary requirements, as the majority of their menu is plant-based and can be customised.