KFC facing slider backlash

While it’s a well-known fact that fast-food in real life never looks like in the picture, KFC is facing a customer backlash over claims of false advertising for its Flatbread Sliders.

The product has failed to match up to customer expectations, with the sliders reportedly missing ingredients, with too much sauce and poorly packaged.

"I bought an aioli slider and it had one piece of pale lettuce in it. In the advertising, there is definitely more salad in there. It was no bigger than my index finger and the tiniest wrap I've ever seen," one customer said.

KFC has rejected claims of false advertising.

“Some complaints have been around the size of the product, however we have not seen any instances of chicken tenders not meeting the minimum size requirements,” said Restaurant Brands general managing marketing Geraldine Oldham said. “All chicken tenders are delivered and served fresh, and as with any natural product, there will always be a small variance in size, and a slider indicates a mini sandwich or bun. We encourage any customers who feel our products haven't met their expectations to contact us via the contact form on our website. We respond to all complaints individually and follow up with the store.”

The Advertising Standards Authority has not yet received any complaints about the sliders.