Japanese Pancakes

carbs by numbers recipe-Japanese pancakes
Taken from the new cook book: Carbs by Numbers – 15g carbs or less per serve.
by Sandra Dunbar & Meg Pell

Available in all good bookstores (softback), iBooks and Kobo.


7g carbs

zucchini + green cabbage + spring onions + almond meal + eggs + canola oil
+ tamari + sesame oil + homemade sweet chilli sauce + homemade mayonnaise

Also called okonomiyaki, these make a lovely light lunch.

1 tablespoon (20ml) canola oil
320g green cabbage
270g zucchini
50g spring onions
110g almond meal
6 eggs
2 tablespoons (40ml) tamari
2 tablespoons (40ml) sesame oil
2 tablespoons (40ml) homemade sweet chilli sauce (see index)
2 tablespoons (40ml) homemade mayonnaise (see index)

Slice one spring onion and set aside for garnish.
Grate the cabbage, zucchini and remaining spring onions.
Lightly beat the eggs with the tamari, sesame oil and the homemade sweet chilli sauce.
Add the almond meal followed by the vegetables.
Heat 1 teaspoon of canola oil in a medium frying pan, add a quarter of the batter and cook until bubbling.
Flip and cook through. Set aside and keep warm and repeat for the remaining 3 pancakes.
Drizzle each pancake with homemade mayonnaise, then sprinkle with the reserved chopped spring onion.

prep time 10 mins; total time 30 mins; serves 4; serve weight 223g

nutrition panel
energy 2085.3kj
energy 498.2cal
protein 18.1g
total fat 43.7g
saturated fat 6.2g
cholesterol 280.9mg
carbohydrate 6.7g
sugars 6.6g
dietary fibre 5.9g
vitamin C 76.3mg
total vitamin A equivalents 181.7µg
sodium 839.5mg
potassium 684.7mg
calcium 134.4mg
iron 3mg