Janine Quaid – Executive Officer, NZChefs

Over the years, hospitality industry icon Janine Quaid has steered her business ventures through both growth and recession, building Artisan Consulting’s reputation as a high-quality hospitality and leadership training institute in New Zealand. Her latest challenge is as Executive Officer of NZ Chefs, a role for which she is well prepared – for the last two decades she has served as a judge at National Culinary Fare, the New Zealand Hospitality Championships, Hospitality New Zealand awards and Nestlé Toque d’Or.

The hospitality training sector is a fast-paced, dynamic adult education industry, and businesses must continually embrace change to stay ahead of the game. “Not many people are open to transformation, but for me it’s about gaining fresh perspective, seeing things from a different angle or from a different standpoint,” she said.

As Executive Officer, Quaid will play a major role in the organising of the 2019 New Zealand Hospitality Championships, which have undergone a transformation. The competitions have moved out to West Auckland’s Trusts Arena, into a space five times larger than the previous venue. The refreshed event will include competitions for bed-making, cocktail-making, and a revamped Nestlé Toque d’Or, the top competition for hospitality students, which will see trainees already working in the sector competing for the first time. Furthermore, initiatives like PitchME Foodservice and the Espress Yourself Latte Art Competition will also be held as part of the championships.

Quaid is a highly passionate leader, something which is reflected in the success of her team. She values the relationships she has built up over her years as an industry figure. “Leading by example, having vision and knowledge mean nothing if clients and colleagues cannot trust you to implement changes that will improve and advance the industry,” she explained. “In order to have both meaningful and sustainable change, it really must be wholly embraced. Every step forward is one closer to our common goal and my role is to ensure that we just keep moving ahead.” She taps into the diverse strengths of her team to work towards a common purpose.

Quaid feels strongly connected to the industry, from working in the sector for so long and by owning businesses which impact and influence how the industry works.

“I feel an emotional connection to my businesses because I have seen their birth and their growth from a grassroots level, this always leads me back to the question which guides my daily decisions – what’s best for the learners and the industry as a whole?”