Giulio Sturla has said that outstanding payments owed to suppliers from where he previously worked at Roots, is not his problem. The award-winning restaurant went into liquidation in June and shut its doors three days after Sturla resigned.

Despite Sturla and his business partner Christy Martin being sole directors, and holding a 50-50 share in the company, Sturla has said that the payments that were not made should be taken up with the liquidators. The initial liquidators report found that the business owed around $74,000 to a range of suppliers and $9000 to employees in unpaid holiday pay.

Sturla has said that the restaurant never closed because of money. He also said that getting people their money back is not his responsibility, and that should they want to know more, they should contact the liquidator.

There has also been backlash from suppliers, who see that Sturla has continued to organise pop-up events around the country. Their thinking is how can he continue without feeling bad about the situation he has been involved in.