How Expensive is New Zealand McDonald’s Compared With the Rest of the World?

According to CashNetUSA's latest analysis of the websites and delivery apps of McDonald's around the world, New Zealand has the 19th most expensive Big Mac, tied with the U.S.

This means that Kiwis are paying more for their Big Mac than the U.K, Canada and Australia, but less than countries like Liechtenstein and Switzerland, where prices are the steepest in the world.

Meanwhile, Pakistan had the cheapest Big Mac, coming in at just 3.04 NZD.

However, New Zealand's Happy Meal was more expensive than the U.S, U.K, Australia and Canada. The cheapest Happy Meal belonged to Pakistan and Egypt.

Out of all of McDonald's most expensive menu items, New Zealand was ranked 9th with the Crispy Chicken Almighty, which costs 15.40 NZD.

The most expensive menu item was the Triple Cheddar & Double Beef burger from France, which costs roughly $25 NZD.