NZMA’s number one aim is to train and develop students to be work ready for the hospitality industry. Ultimately, though, every student is looking for a great job too, which is why NZMA has its own dedicated employment team, NZMA Careers.

The Careers team is comprised of highly-experienced Career Development Consultants who know the New Zealand job market inside and out. They are here to make sure our students are given the best possible careers advice, preparation and employment opportunities.

If your restaurant, café or hotel is looking for new staff to cover particular shifts, consider contacting the NZMA Careers Team. Students may be looking for part-time jobs while they study or a full-time job after they graduate, or even an internship placement to help gain relevant work experience.  The NZMA Careers team aims to connect students and graduates to the right organisation, the right people and the right career.

NZMA also has strong relationships with many of New Zealand’s major employers as well as local operators, and on 13 September 2017 will host a Careers Expo at Vodafone Events Centre, Manukau where over 100 employers and community partners will be available at their exhibition stand to speak with students about their career. If you would like to discuss a work opportunity with NZMA Careers team local to you please contact 09 309 7802 or email