by Wal Herring

A nutritionist and mother of three, Wal Herring has found out that many of the assumptions around kids and food are wrong; by using a different approach and a pinch of reverse psychology, parents can actually encourage their children to eat healthily without waging fruit and veggie battles. They just need to put aside the ‘what’ and focus on the ‘how’.
“This book will show you a different approach to mealtimes, a different approach to life. The outcome is twofold: firstly, it will help you to have happier, more peaceful mealtimes, with you having increased confidence in your parenting; and secondly, it will help your children grow up with an unconscious positive association with food, a healthy relationship with it,” said Herring.
‘Healthy little eaters’ is arranged in 12 chapters, packed full of practical suggestions and calls to action, walking readers through every step. Part I, ‘Setting the scene’, pushes parents to investigate their relationship with food and find their parenting style first, whereas in Part II, ‘Foundations’, the spotlight moves to building hunger habits and guiding kids to try new food, mostly leading by example and creating a happy eating environment.
“Parenting is giving [your children] the resources and the know-how to build a road, yet standing back enough so they can figure out their own way,” said Herring.