new bottles of harveys thermochromic-labelled bristol cream sherry

British sherry brand Harveys has relaunched its famous The Bristol Cream with a packaging makeover. This is the first time the packaging has changed in 15 years – and it’s a futuristic choice. The new label features a thermochromic ink logo which changes colour as the bottle reaches perfect serving temperature.

This new packaging is designed to help consumers re-think the way they enjoy sherry, and help bartenders keep their drinks at the perfect temperature. Harveys is produced in Spain, and its owners would like consumers to drink sherry like the Spanish do: straight out of the fridge, over ice, and with a slice of orange.

Cool temperatures open up the sherry and provide a more mellow, long-lasting finish. When the sherry is cold enough to be poured, the Harveys logo will turn blue.

The new design modernises the bottle, and it also helps re-position sherry as a drink that can be enjoyed in summer – traditionally, Brits drink sherry in winter. Marketing it this way will keep sherry a drink of choice year-round.