Gringo Killer are producers of quality gourmet chilli sauces and condiments that since its inception has won several awards including coming second in the World Hot Sauce Awards. Margaret Daggar is the lady behind the sauce and has followed her interest and passion for gardening leading her to produce a world-class hot sauce right here in New Zealand. We spoke to Margaret about how the business came about and where to from here.

How did you start the business?

“What started from the planting of the first Rocoto chilli plant in my medicinal herb garden, was inadvertently the beginning of Gringo Killer Gourmet Chilli Products. Like a lot of people, I like to know where my food comes from and how it is grown, and this was one of the reasons I started growing my kitchen garden. Not knowing much about the plant, I did some study into the health benefits of chillies and from there I formulated some recipes and started selling the sauces at a local market. The garden is where I love working from growing the chillies each season from seed, planting the seedlings to finally picking the chilli pods. I like to know that my garden has no harmful pesticides and lets nature take care of the balance. As for the chilli products that we produce, I do not have any formal training as a chef or cook, but I do like cooking and eating tasty, healthy food. After trial and error, adapting and changing recipes, we now have a range of chilli sauces, pastes and jams that are all different in taste and texture. So what started out as an interest in making a quality chilli sauce, is now a small but growing boutique business that has been hard work, but I one I get a lot of enjoyment from. It also gives me the chance to meet some very dedicated and excited chilli fans along the way.”

Tell us about your product range.

“Chillies, to me, are a fascinating plant to grow, from the perennial purple flowering Rocoto to the more temperamental Trinidad scorpion, all are pollinated by the bees from my beehives. All products are handcrafted in a commercial kitchen conversion, which looks out onto the gardens, and the products can be added to any dish for that extra wow factor, plus of course the health benefits that it has. The produce used in our range of products are grown by local growers from around New Zealand. The chillies are now grown in Titirangi, Auckland, and are eco-friendly spray-free, so that consumers know they are getting the best quality product with no added preservatives or additives. Ingredients in our range of handcrafted sauces and condiments are what gives each product its unique flavour and texture.”

“Current products include; Burnout Gourmet Chilli Sauce, Kick Arse Chilli and Strawberry Sauce, Pussy Hot Chilli and Strawberry Sauce, Internal Combustion Gourmet Chilli Sauce, Wood Smoke Bhutt Burn Chilli Sauce, Bhutt Burn Chilli Sauce, Bhutt Burn Chilli Sauce with Roast Capsicums, Big Cojones Gourmet Chilli Sauce with Parsley, Tongue Tickler Gourmet Chilli Sauce with Capsicums, Tongue Tickler Gourmet Chilli Sauce with Coriander, My Thai Gourmet Chilli Sauce, Wood Smoked Gourmet Chilli Sauce, Harissa Chilli Paste, Gourmet Chilli Jam and Chilli Infused Honey. With a background in herbal medicine, the Chilli Infused Honey product is a natural analgesic (pain reliever) and an anti-inflammatory, so can be added to lemon drinks to soothe a sore throat.”

Plans for the business?

“My goal, of course, like a lot of others is to export. I believe I have a fantastic product and great branding. Within New Zealand, I want to see my product on more tables in restaurants and consumer’s pantries. The next new health product will be a capsaicin ointment, used for pain and inflammation in arthritis. I have been trialling this myself on my finger joints, and it works a treat.”

Where can you buy Gringo Killer products?

“If people want to buy some of New Zealand’s tastiest sauces, they can go online or buy from some selected stockists in West Auckland.”Gringo Killers Image 3 Gringo Killers Image