Goodman Fielder is Here to Help

Incredible hospitality businesses all around New Zealand have been hard hit this year, so to show them support Goodman Fielder Foodservice have gifted $25,000 worth of vouchers to their friends at SOS business

For every purchase of a gift voucher of $15 or more, Goodman Fielder will top it up with another crisp $5.

What is SOS?

SOS is a not-for-profit initiative that helps customers pay it forward to cafes, restaurants, and other local businesses by buying gift vouchers to redeem when they’re ready.

SOS Cafe was set up by experienced senior executive, David Downs, merchant success manager at Shopify Plus, Joyce Quah, and support frontend developer at Shopify Plus, Naadei Atafu, to help local businesses.

“Like everyone, we felt shocked and a bit helpless when it was announced that New Zealand would go into Level 4 lockdown, and thought about the hundreds of cafés and small businesses who would suffer. Our local businesses add so much colour and culture to our suburbs, it's now our turn to give back,” explained the co-founders.

“We whipped up this website that will allow cafés who don’t have the ability to take vouchers a way to do that, and to link to those that can. Many customers are loyal to their local coffee shop or restaurant/bar, and want to help. Now they can – if they used to buy a coffee and a muffin every day, they can now buy a voucher every day instead and give these café’s a fighting chance.”

As a Local Hospitality Business, What Can I Do?

  • First make sure you are registered on SOS.  
  • Share the message with your customers.

Feel free to download this social asset to spread the word.

About Goodman Fielder

With 80 locally operated distributors, Goodman Fielder Foodservice always have someone in your area, they service all of New Zealand and in most locations deliver daily. They have an extensive range of products including Dairy, Baking, Spreads, Pies, Baking Ingredients and Meats.

When you buy from Goodman Fielder you’re buying directly from the manufacturer, allowing them to provide you with great value for money.

For more information about how Goodman Fielder is helping people Support their Local visit and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.