After first purchasing Clearview Estate, the owners weren’t quite sure what an unusual grape variety already established there was, but after some investigation discovered it was Chambourcin, a French-American hybrid that became available in 1963.

Chambourcin is a teinturier, a grape whose juice is pink or red, rather than clear like most red vitis Vinifera cultivars. After some experimentation, this coloured juice was transformed into a deep-coloured, vibrant rosé that has become an increasingly popular wine for Clearview Estate.

Multi-award winning wine Black Reef Blush is an idea that came from one of Clearview Estates growers, David Ward.

“We’ve just been polishing it up a little,” said Clearview co-owner and original winemaker Tim Turvey. “It hasn’t changed much over the years and right from the start we wanted to make a statement with our wines, and this highly coloured, highly flavoured rosé does just that.”

With the 2015 Black Reef Blush selling out months ago, Clearview has bottled its 2016 vintage earlier than ever before ensuring it could be delivered into the hands of its waiting consumers.

Photo Caption: Clearview Estate winemakers Tim Turvey (rear) and Matt Kirby, with the highly anticipated Black Reef Blush 2016.