Moana brings you New Zealand’s most sought after species, with a lightness of touch that preserves and protects its pure taste and rare magic – like you were there and caught it yourself.

Moana takes a long term view in everything it does and works in harmony with nature to ensure the sustainability of the fisheries for future generations. This means going above and beyond what is required by law on land and at sea.

By way of example, to minimise the risk of by-catch, all of Moana’s long line and trawl fishermen are trained in seabird smart fishing practices.  Maintaining healthy fish stock levels is important, so all Moana paua divers use GPS technology to track harvest locations. The company has invested in Precision Seafood Harvest, a new trawl technology that lets undersized fish escape unharmed. Moana is also working alongside WWF-New Zealand on a commitment to ensure dolphin safe fishing in the maui dolphin habitat.

Until recently the majority of Moana product was being transported using poly bins. They are cost-effective and light-weight, but unfortunately they are not environmentally friendly. They take up a lot of space in our landfills and are not recyclable. As a fishing company that is passionate about its role as kaitiaki, it had to find another solution.

Where possible, Moana now uses Chilltainers which are a ‘cool’ thermal packaging made from metallised polyester and corrugated cardboard and are between 95 and 98 percent recyclable and highly sustainable. Moana customers are unanimous in their full support of the company’s sustainability efforts and it’s also helping to reduce their waste.

Only catching what is needed, Moana fishes and harvests solely from the coastal waters of New Zealand, one of the world’s most pristine and sustainably managed fisheries, connecting you to the taste of a true and pure place.

To find out more about Moana’s responsible story visit moana.co.nz/responsibility.