Lindy Davis’ Global Kitchen celebrates New Zealand’s multicultural cuisine through the eyes of the experts. From around the country, international cuisines have penetrated even the smallest of coastal towns. London restaurateur Lloyd Rooney and his Kiwi business partner Mike Fraser have been setting up these types of locations, and now they’re sharing what they’ve learned with the reader. 

Across Rooney and Frasers’ restaurants, which are headed by a range of chefs from Brazil, India, and New Zealand, this book features recipes and stories from South Pacific, European, Asian, and South American origins. Each recipe is a popular dish from one of these restaurants and is entwined in the chef’s personal journey and culinary story. 

Everything from Mechoui smoked lamb with apricot chutney, tempura aubergine and Sichuan caramel, to curried cauliflower steaks, will be featured in the book. Using locally sourced ingredients, and featuring plenty of easy-to-make dishes, this will help inspire chef’s around the country. 

Lindy Davis is a multi-media journalist based in the South Pacific, who has previously published four books. Global Kitchen is her second cookbook and is scheduled for publication in October.