Fonterra the cream of the crop

Anchor Chef’s Cream has been chosen by the world’s largest foodservice distributor, Sysco, as one of their top ten innovative products for 2019 – the first time a New Zealand product has ever been chosen. Each year, Sysco selects ten products to showcase to their restaurant partners, where they hold the significant distribution share of the 1.2 million outlets across the USA.

Director of global foodservice Grant Watson said Anchor Chef’s Cream is one of a kind and the recipe is a closely guarded secret.

“Our culinary cream was first developed by our Research and Development team more than ten years ago. It’s specially formulated to perform well in professional kitchens, while keeping a great taste and appearance. And it’s already reduced saving chefs valuable preparation time.”

Before selecting our Anchor Chef’s Cream as one of their top ten products, Sysco put the cream through its paces.

“We’re pleased to say that when tested by Sysco and their partner restaurants, our cream achieved one of the highest innovation scores and purchase intent in the history of Sysco’s innovation platform,” Watson said.

Through their 6,000-person sales team and their 200 chefs, Sysco will spend 2019 promoting Anchor Chef’s Cream to chefs and restaurants across the US.

“This is an excellent way for us to expand our reach across America. The US foodservice market uses an estimated 4.6 million metric tonnes of dairy per year, and with cream-based menu items being very popular across the US, we believe there is a significant opportunity to bring new value to our farmers, customer partners and their consumers, with our unique cream innovation.”