Flavours | Chilli

They say that variety is the spice of life.

Chilli peppers are widely known to add heat when cooking, but their uses have now seen the cross-over from being classed as “spicy” to being recognised as “sweet.”

There are over 4,000 different varieties of chillis available, ranging from somewhat mild, to being unbearably hot. Chilli is also found in several cultures around the world, such as Chinese or various South American cuisines.

Sometimes it's not an overpowering flavour that diners want, it's just a little hint here and there. Roasting potatoes with paprika and salt to give an extra bit of smokey flavour, or by offering a peri peri sauce as a condiment will guarantee the right flavour is there, but in the moderation to which the diner wants.

Chilli can also be an excellent addition to various cocktails as well. Margaritas are a great way to add spice, playing with any combination of fruit and level of heat. A pineapple chilli margarita is one-of-a-kind, offering the tropical sensation that is pineapple, but with a cutting edge. A mango chilli margarita is essentially the same combination as well.  A jalapeno margarita, on the other hand, offers a straight-shooting beverage, complete with sliced jalapeno to add even more heat.

Chilli has also been a popular ingredient in deserts as well. Chilli chocolate has been a well-known combination, so explore the possibilities of chilli chocolate moose, or even chocolate chilli gelato.

By incorporating chilli into food and beverages, it opens up new possibilities for very popular menu items.