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 Paua is one of the natural wonders our country produces, with a salty ocean taste, and a hint of sweetness.

Barbequing paua makes for a great dish, and can be added to a variety of flavours. Cut the paua into very thin strips with a sharp knife. Crush some garlic, and heat a hot plate over medium-high heat, adding butter, garlic, and paua. Sautee for 1-2 minutes (hot and fast) until they start to curl and change colour.

Barbequed paua can be added to a variety of different dishes, becoming the central focus. For example, on top of a bed of watercress provides a light and nutritious meal. Adding paua to a risotto will give an international flare, accompanied by a local flavour. 

Adding paua to a creamy pasta dish will also be a perfect winter meal option, quick to whip up, and full of flavour.

Paua is extremely rich in minerals, vitamins, and proteins, and has also been considered good for eye health.