Flavour, Flair and Ease

The desire to be different and to explore new and better methods has been in the Barker’s DNA for generations. The Barker’s Professional range was created to add flavour, flair and ease to hospitality life.

The Barker’s Professional Farmstyle Tomato Relish is a deliciously thick and chunky, homestyle relish with a touch of smokiness. Perfect with hot and cold meats, on cheese platters, as a sandwich and toastie topper, or accompaniment for pies, frittatas, quiches… the list goes on!

The Mediterranean Vegetable Chutney is a delicious mix of Mediterranean vegetables  and is incredibly versatile. Use on platters, in salads, mix through pasta or atop bruschetta, the only limit is your imagination.

Both come in a handy and easy to use 1kg pouch.

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