Dunninghams is pleased to announce the launch of its new iKON food service packaging range. Already famous as a supplier of trays and vacuum bags for the meat and fish industries, Dunninghams now has a full range of food service packaging for retail and food service channels.

The new range includes its unique and exclusive square sho bowls, as well as i-Cubes, round sho bowls, rectangular and round takeaway containers, foam takeaway clams, cake domes, bakery containers, portion cups, sandwich wedges and food wraps including cling, foil and baking papers.

Dunninghams is the New Zealand member of the iKON pack group. This offers Dunninghams the benefit of scale as well as innovation in packaging design, given food service packaging ranges are developed and sourced directly from suppliers.

For information, samples and pricing, please contact Geraldine Schnauer: geraldine.schnauer@dunninghams.co.nz