Larala Light 03-lilSpecialising in decorative, eco-friendly LED lighting solutions, NZ-based Larala Lights create a unique ambience for all settings, both indoor and outdoor. Suitable for cafés, bars and restaurants, their ‘Basics’ range features various shapes and adapted designs, such as Tear Drops and Eggs. Moreover, Larala Lights has developed a LED furniture range for commercial purposes, appealing to the hospitality industry and including low benches, bar stools and tables.
All pieces come with a remote control and an induction/direct charger. They are also wireless, shockproof, waterproof, rechargeable, UV protected and eco-friendly. LED lights, in fact, are extremely energy efficient and do not give off excessive heat like traditional light bulbs, putting more energy into producing top-quality light.
Prices for the basic range go from $75 to $225, while Larala LED furniture ranges from $499 to $699. All items are available for online purchase at Light 02-lil