By infusing Cascara (or coffee cherry berry) into its crisp apple cider, Moa Brewing Co. has added an anti-aging, anti-oxidant rich, alcoholic potion to its range of beverages. Guilt-free Moa Cascara Cider may, in fact, be the key to rejuvenated skin, because it contains a natural component often found in luxury beauty products.
As researchers have realised, Cascara, which is the skin that remains after coffee beans are removed from the inside of a coffee cherry, delivers anti-ageing and anti-oxidant properties. The berry’s purported health benefits include preventing heart disease, high cholesterol, asthma and Alzheimer’s. A brainchild of Claris Jones-White and Moa founder Josh Scott, this cider might unlock the secret of long-lasting youth.
“The black Doris plum properties and tea-like tannins of the coffee cherry skins work well with the dryness of the traditional apple cider, creating an almost peaty or whisky like finish,” said Jones-White.
The result is an easily sippable beverage with fruity flavours of apple, plum and cherry, a hint of oak and a slightly peaty aftertaste. Sold in a cork-and-cage sealed 750ml bottle for an RRP of $13.99, Moa Cascada is better served chilled, over ice or with a touch of fresh lime.