Dry July 2021

While Dry July highlights one month of sobriety, it also shines a light on new products in the ever-growing non-alcoholic category. Zero percent beverages have rapidly gained popularity over the last five years and have shown no signs of slowing down. Take a moment this month to showcase your support with these top drops.

Finery 0% Alcohol-Free Sparkling Cocktail - Vanilla & Elderflower

Sublime elderflower, creamy sweet vanilla, aromatic extracts, and delightfully fancy soda. The Finery Vanilla and Elderflower variant is inspired by nature have no added sugar while also being carb-free and gluten-free.  

Ecology & Co - London Dry and Tonic

Familiar juniper and botanical notes complemented by bitter orange and cinchona bark. The Ecology & Co London Dry and Tonic is completely alcohol-free, distilled and mixed for you here in New Zealand.

Lyre’s Coffee Originale

Espresso martinis are the epitome of a classy cocktail. Now you can enjoy them alcohol-free with Lyre’s Coffee Originale. This spirit captures the essence of a coffee liqueur, with distinct and contemporary flavours. Enjoy on the rocks or in a martini. 

Zeffer Cider

Crafted from local Hawke’s Bay apples this refreshingly off-dry is lightly sparkling and full of flavour with a delicate sweetness. It is also vegan and gluten-free.

Export Citrus Beer

For a more sour offering, we have Export’s 0% Citrus beer. DB Export 0.0% Citrus is a new taste experience with a naturally cloudy appearance and vibrant scent. 

Heineken Lager

For beer drinkers and crave that vibrant hoppy taste, Heineken’s 0.0% lager will see you through the dry season. 

Posh AF Gin and Tonic

Feel fancy with Posh AF’s gin and tonic, lifted with pink grapefruit and rosé. Bitter-sweet, invigorating and enhanced with a botanical extract that mimics the warmth of alcohol. 

Seedlip Spiced 94

Seedlip is one of New Zealand’s most well-known alcohol-free spirits. Seedlip Spiced 94 is an aromatic and earthy blend, with allspice, cardamom, lemon and grapefruit. A great replacement for alcohol in any recipe, or simply paired with tonic. 

Jacob’s Creek Rosé

With notes of raspberries and redcurrants with ripe, juicy strawberries, Jacob’s Creek doesn’t compromise on flavour with their alcohol-free Rosé. 

Arkay Bourbon

Arkay’s alcohol-free bourbon warms and burns just like the real deal. Made with the same techniques to maintain flavour whilst minimising alcohol.

Good Cocktail Co - Mojito

If you prefer to make your own cocktails, enjoy your favourite cocktail flavour, minus the alcohol, with Good Cocktail Co’s alcohol-free cocktail mixer. Simply add soda or lemonade and you’re good to go. 

Glen Dochus Whiskey

Blended and bottled in Scotland, Glen Dochus’ alternative whiskey carries the notes of Scotland with an aromatic, light smokey caramel flavour with pepper and apricot notes.