McDonald’s Corp.’s sole partnership with Uber Eats has ended as a new deal with DoorDash is struck. DoorDash becomes the second third-party delivery operator aligned to the McDelivery program and will begin testing throughout 200 Houston-area restaurants later this month. Although Uber Eats will remain a partner in Texas, and across the U.S., the addition of DoorDash is a move to expand McDonald’s delivery capabilities and reach. Uber Eats currently serves around 9,100 McDonald’s restaurants.

DoorDash boasts impressive statistics, providing delivery to each of America’s 50 states, as well as reaching 80 percent of Americans across the country. In May, DoorDash logged a 189 percent year-over-year jump in sales compared to Uber Eats’ 32 percent. Although the new partnership may strike concern for Uber Eats, the addition of DoorDash is not a reflection of Uber Eats’ performance in Houston or the U.S.

Delivery dominance continues to be disputed, as DoorDash, Uber Eats, Postmates, and Grubhub all continue to look towards expansion.