From fine dining to casual dinners, Spacebar Design will change the way your guests experience your food.

Spacebar Design is a perfectly blended cocktail between a traditional interior design firm, a branding design studio, and a customer experience agency; created to deliver your vision through tailored designs with flavours that last, palates that inspire and moments that capture.

Anson Kong, the founder of Spacebar Design, created the interior design firm to help local chefs, restaurateurs, or anyone passionate about creating food and drinks by providing affordable design services to new and small businesses. Anson’s mission is to create spaces that enable local food creators and producers to bridge the gap between showcasing their stories and allowing consumers to understand the creations they are indulging in through the use of space.

“To me, food always starts with a memory, and memories always start with a story. To really enjoy the experience, we all need to understand the story. When we design spaces for our clients, we try to emphasise the owner’s story by creating an environment that can help guests understand and experience the story for themselves,” explained Kong.

For Kong, growing up around a big family meant that there was always something going on in the kitchen. He has memories of watching his parents cook when he was a young boy and being captivated by the stories they would share about each dish.

“Whenever I am served a dish now, whether large or small, cheap or expensive, I understand that it is not just the food I am indulging in that forms the dish, but rather a fusion of stories shared between the farmers, producers and chefs. These stories are presented on a plate for us to enjoy. Spacebar Design aims to encapsulate these stories to help people look at food the same way I do, with deeper meaning.”

Creating a sensory experience for customers allows for a restaurant’s stories to be imprinted in the minds of customers who will naturally be inclined to share their unique experiences with their family, friends, and colleagues.

Before Spacebar Design, Anson worked for an interior fit-out design company where he helped some of the most well-known international brands, specialising mainly in the alcohol and cosmetic industry, to create spaces that conveyed the intended story to their audience.

“Now that I am confident that I have the abilities and experience to support our local businesses, I hope to contribute to the food industry where my true passion lies. I want to support our local chefs, with their strong passion for food and drink, to portray their stories the same way I’ve helped my previous clients.”

The New Zealand dining scene is focused on story now more than ever before. Consumers are no longer going out to restaurants and coffee shops just to eat or drink. They are looking to create experiences to share with their friends and families. They are paying more attention to the stories of where their ingredients originate from and the person cooking it; something that traditionally only belonged in a fine dining environment but is now commonly seen in many eatery spaces whether it be high end or street food.

“Chefs want to tell the story of their food creations and guests want to hear the story. Spacebar Design connects these needs by creating an environment that inspires this process to naturally flourish.”

Spacebar Design is actively working on helping young culinary talent develop their own food space concepts and is providing support by developing different ways of celebrating the stories behind the food through design. For more information visit spacebardesign.co.nz