Food lovers will soon be able to eat and explore their way through Downtown Las Vegas like never before with a private, self-guided, e-assisted culinary tour.

Finger Licking Foodie Tours represents a follow-up, companion business to the successful Lip Smacking Foodie Tours created by Las Vegas entrepreneur and hospitality-industry veteran, Donald Contursi.

The new self-guided Finger Licking Foodie Tour offers guests a fun and innovative way to support three top restaurants in the Las Vegas community while enjoying an array of Instagrammable dishes in one outing. Each tour requires a minimum of just two patrons, so guests can safely dine with their closest family and loved ones.

With restaurant capacities limited due to public health restrictions and reservations at the hottest restaurants challenging, Finger Licking Foodie Tours provide immediate VIP seating with signature dishes served fresh, shortly after arrival. Tours are “led” by a virtual tour guide who provides a map of the route, interesting tidbits along the way and a guided walk through Downtown Container Park to support local small businesses.

“This tour provides an intimate and personalised foodie experience,” explained Contursi. “Guests receive an online map, as well as a link to an innovative virtual tour guide who provides commentary for each fascinating stop along the way including a walkthrough Downtown Container Park to support small businesses. On this 2.5-hour experience in the city’s exciting, a revitalised downtown, guests will visit three acclaimed restaurants, enjoying superb service and three unforgettable dishes at each venue.”

Contursi founded Lip Smacking Foodie Tours five years ago to offer gourmet walking tours featuring prime-time dining and VIP service at the most exclusive restaurants. After quickly accumulating numerous accolades and repeat customers, he expanded on the concept with Finger Licking Foodie Tours, which was established in 2019 to provide a casual romp at affordable prices.