Air France is launching its first pop-up restaurant in New York. The restaurant, called ‘Paris For Dessert,’ acknowledges the airline’s commitment to providing top quality French cuisine to its customers.

"Air France is proud of its role as an ambassador of French cuisine," said Stéphane Ormand, vice president and general manager, Air France-KLM USA. "We believe that the culinary adventure to France and beyond should begin with in-flight dining."

Air France has a history of working with Michelin-starred chefs, and Paris for Dessert is no exception, with guests being treated to a tasting menu designed by Daniel Boulud. But the excitement doesn’t end there – guests are asked to arrive with a packed suitcase and a passport because every night one couple will win an instant take-off to Paris for a two night culinary adventure, including a meal at Saint James Paris and a two night stay at a Marriot Hotel.

Paris for Dessert will run between June 20 – 24.