Sharon sitting next to kim while sipping on straws

Uber Eats Australia’s latest TVC campaign featured Keeping up With the Kardashians star, Kim Kardashian West.  Magda Szubanski was also present in the ad and appeared as her character Sharon in the Australian comedy series Kath and Kim.

The advert opens with the fictional character Sharon in her netball outfit, laying down on a sofa. She turns to the camera and says “Tonight, I'll be eating pesto g-nocchi with garlic bread to keep me carbed-up.”

To which Kim, who was also dressed in netball gear, replies “Tonight, I'll be eating a chicken schnitty with chips and chicken salt.”

The advert continues with Sharon teaching Kardashian how to say her iconic catchphrase ‘noice’, and finishes with the reality star saying  “I literally have no idea what you're saying,' before Sharon concludes with “It's the Queen's English, it's not that hard.”

Since its launch the TVC has been met by positive responses online. The partnership between Kardashian and Uber Eats is said to have cost uber an estimated US$2 million.