After New York chef Dominique Ansel took the pastry world by storm in 2013 with the invention of the ‘cronut,’ one Melbourne chef is reinventing the dessert wheel with the introduction of the ‘crogel’. “I wanted to make the best croissant in Melbourne Louise MK Lee of Crux & Co said of his invention. To make the croggle, Lee shapes laminated croissant dough into bagels, before boiling and baking them. They come in the standard bagel varieties - plain, poppy seed, blueberry or wholemeal. Topping can range from the basic cream cheese and jam up to the more adventurous chicken and avocado. Since Ansel’s invention in 2013 proved wildly popular, a number of croissant hybrids have sprouted up. The ‘Croiburger’ of Melbourne’s White Mojo cafe is exactly what it sounds like. 2013 also saw the introduction of the ‘cruffin,’ croissant dough in a muffin tin, and while the cruffin was not as initially popular as the cronut it is now being found in McCafe’s around New Zealand.