The Chip Group is promoting its industry standard for serving size to encourage all takeaway operators to serve the same amount of chips, every time.

There are two good reasons to ensure your staff are mindful about the serving size of chips. Did you know that serving the recommended serving size can affect your customers’ health? And have you ever wondered how important consistency in chip serving size is to the bottom line of your takeaway business?

The Chip Group industry standard for serving size is 330g uncooked chips. Millions of servings of chips are sold in New Zealand each week and the serving sizes of this popular food have been increasing over the years. As a nation, we are putting on more weight and our health is suffering. Being overweight increases the chances of death caused by heart disease, diabetes and some cancers.

From time to time get your staff to use the weighing scales to check the weight of their serving sizes. If they are more than the recommended amount, gradually reduce the weight over a few months. Removing a few chips at a time is a step in the right direction for supporting better health for New Zealanders.

Although chips will not be your biggest cost, variable serving sizes over the year could definitely be affecting your profit. A survey in 2011 showed that serving sizes ranged from 180g to over 600g. No wonder customers do not know what to expect when they ask for a scoop or serving of chips. Do some weighing and do the math to check out the financial impact on your business of having even three extra chips than is needed for each serve.

Consistent 330g serves will help with your business planning and the health of your customers. If all takeaway operators followed the recommendation, you would be competing on chip quality, and not quantity that could potentially be eroding your business profit.
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