The Coffee Club New Zealand has opened the doors to The Coffee Club Te Rapa Service Centre in Hamilton.

Hamilton’s first true motorway service centre sits on the major entrance route to Hamilton. The Coffee Club Te Rapa Service Centre holds a prime spot next to the newly opened Perry Bike Park.

The launch is a fairly recent development. Only a fortnight ago, store owner, Richard Sun, was heading up The Coffee Club Centreplace. However, the lease expired and Richard was left with a team and equipment but no building.

“I can’t believe how quickly The Coffee Club head office pinpointed a new building for us,” said Sun. “Everything was organised before we knew it and they helped us move everything across to the new site within a matter of days.”

The Coffee Club co-directors, Brad Jacobs and Andy Lucas, werere both pleased that they were able to get Richard and his team into a new location so quickly.

“It was important to us that we found Richard a great spot to move to. He has been with The Coffee Club for almost seven years now and is a real asset to the business,” said Jacobs. “As luck would have it, we’d had our eye on the new Te Rapa Service Centre development for a while. We ran it past Richard and he agreed it would be perfect.”