Celebrating Women in Business: Suzie Corser, Frucor Suntory

Suzie Corser is a senior commercial manager at Frucor Suntory, a distributor of some of Australasia’s most popular brands.

With a background in financial services and infrastructure, transitioning into a new industry that is dynamic, fast-paced and innovative was a highly desirable choice Corser made. Initially appealing to the FMCG industry because of its agile nature, and enjoys the constant opportunities for innovation it can present, despite being testing at times. 

Corser is very passionate about women in leadership and is proud of the part her company has played. 

I'm thrilled to see that Frucor Suntory has some phenomenal female leaders, both locally and globally. Makiko Ono's appointment as the incoming CEO of Suntory Food & Beverages is particularly inspiring. It's amazing to see such powerful women making waves in the industry and it drives me to be the best leader I can be.”

She said that the biggest piece of advice she was ever given was when someone told her to not rest on her laurels. 

“Don’t wait for your Oscar. Don’t wait to be praised or validated. Don’t wait for permission to lead. Don’t wait for an invitation to share your voice. Be bold, step into leadership and share your voice.”

Corser spent sixteen years in Scotland, holding finance Business Partner roles in banking and airports. She returned to New Zealand in March 2020, as she was seeking for an organization which would provide a quicker turnaround, and would be more dynamic. Frucor Suntory had a good reputation for its company culture, and so she was drawn to explore the opportunity. Culture for Corser is everything when searching for new roles, and she is happy that Frucor Suntory has lived up to the hype.

Corser said that helping her colleagues is a highlight of her position.

“I am motivated by the chance to help others achieve their goals and succeed in their endeavours. I've always loved finance business partnering because it's the perfect mix of people skills and analytical thinking - it lets me indulge my inner nerd while also connecting with my colleagues.”

When asked if there was one piece of advice she could tell her younger self, she said that she wouldn’t let self-doubt stop her from grabbing every opportunity that she could.