Celebrating Women in Business: Nikki Neate, Proper Crisps

Nikki Neate, the marketing manager for Proper Crisps, has always had a passion for food. She transitioned from the TV industry following a 20-year career in London to her first ‘foodie’ role at Pics Peanut Butter when she moved to Nelson, New Zealand. 

“I have always loved spending hours in supermarkets, food shops and markets, checking out new food, ingredients and packaging. Add in restaurants, which is my ideal holiday,” said Neate. 

Neate graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in History of Art, after which she left for her television career in the United Kingdom. 

“I joined ITV at the end of the 90s and the start of reality TV, big dramas and long lunches and finished up at Channel 4 in the age of double screens, the Twitteratti and TV Chefs.” 

Neate has been working at Proper Crisps for the last two years, promoting the renowned hand-crafted chips, after leaving her position as Pics Peanut Butter’s Global Marketing Manager. 

Throughout her career, Neate has been inspired by many. In particular, Aimee McCammon, the new CEO at Pics Peanut Butter, and her younger sister, Jo Simpson. 

She describes her sister as generous with advice expertise, as she works as a professional specialising in helping leaders discover their creative potential. However, Liz Glazebrook, the Marketing Manager of Whittakers, receives a special mention from Neate, who she describes as a ‘natural-born marketeer’. 

While she has been inspired by many hard-working and generous individuals she has worked with, Neate has developed her own set of rules, which she shares as advice for those looking for success within their chosen industries.

“My rule is always to be generous with your expertise, knowledge, encouragement and enthusiasm and never skip on your integrity.”

However, when describing the best advice she received, Neate revealed it was from the first journalist who invited her to lunch. 

“Always do what you say you’ll going to do.” 

This advice has informed Neate’s workstyle as she spends her early morning and lunch, prioritising her to-do list to ensure she achieves everything she needs within her day. 

For the future, Neate is focused on making positive change and doing right by her colleagues, her company, their consumers and the plant.