Cases Continue to Rise as We Welcome More Tourists

There have been 27,076 new community Covid-19 cases reported in the past week, compared to 24,068 cases a week ago. This is a continuing rise, up from 21,595 for the week 14-21 November.

There were 328 people in hospital with the virus as of midnight on Sunday, 10 of whom were in an intensive care or high dependency care unit.

Meanwhile, international tourist numbers are picking up and it is unclear what this will mean for infection levels and the national health system.

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Health admitted that only a third of Covid-19 infections are being reported as cases, after previously saying the figure was closer to 75 percent.

With case numbers much higher now than this time last year (daily case numbers were averaging around 200 in November 2021), and without the same framework of protection, questions are rising over whether the country will be left to fend for itself during this wave, or if the restrictions placed on us in the past were actually necessary in the first place.