Call Out to Kiwi Hospitality!

Stoddart NZ and Restaurant & Café magazine want to help you pay your bills!

Without a doubt, lockdowns are challenging for everyone, but the hardest hit is the hospitality industry. The continued restrictions and lockdowns have taken their toll on the people who make our hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes places of fun, friendship, and community.

Pooling our resources and knowledge of the industry, Stoddart NZ and Restaurant & Cafe magazine have created an online auction called Hands Up 4 Hospo. Led by Stoddart NZ, we are putting all our efforts behind the Hands Up 4 Hospo Auction. Supported by fantastic suppliers who have stepped up to get in behind the project, some exciting, innovative, and unique donated items are up for auction.

The funds from the auction are paid out on a share basis to hospitality businesses through an online application system managed by a panel of industry representatives from Stoddart NZ and Restaurant & Cafe magazine.

If you need help paying some bills, please apply today.

The online application is really simple and can be found here.

Share the Hands Up 4 Hospo Auction with your friends and family, there are some great items up for grabs, perfect prezzies for the lead up to the holiday season! See the latest listings here.